student holding up a razorback ID

the new razorback card

This is the official student ID of the University of Arkansas. This is what you will carry with you as you navigate your years as an active student. Your Razorback Card is your key to Razorbuck$, your meal plan, dining dollars, building and door access, and more! With just a tap or a swipe.


Where to Swipe






spring concerts, seminars, information sessions, and many more.

NFC Enabled


With your new Razorback Card, you can use it to access dining halls or pay for meals and other snacks

All with a simple tap on any reader

If you have the Razorback, you can tap.

Dining Dollars

These are tax-free and work just like cash in all Chartwells locations.

Dining Dollars are purchased with a meal plan and are linked to your Razorback Card. They give you the flexibility to grab a snack and meal when you can't use a meal trade. Use them all? Don't worry-- you can reload them in increments of $50, $75, or $100.

Email with your name, student ID and the amount of Dining Dollars you want to add.


Pick Up Requirements

  • Everyone must bring a physical government issued identification, such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID.
  • Outside of orientation, undergraduates must be enrolled before they are able to receive their ID.
  • Photo will be taken in the office, but the previous photo can be used if still available.
  • Payment will be done in office by scanning a QR code. Students may also charge their University ID card fee to their student account.

Cost of Replacement

Every replacement of every identification card has a cost. While trade-ins are an option, they are not common. You will be asked to scan a QR Code to go to our payment portal. You can also visit our payment portal directly. This is the only way to pay for a replacement. We DO NOT accept cash or checks If this option doesn't work, there is one other option. 

Students have the option to charge replacement costs to their university accounts. You do have to be actively enrolled in the university to use this option. To use this option fill out the account authorization form. This is the first step in allowing us to charge your account. From there a student worker in our office will direct you.

Name Change

We do allow name changes on all university IDs. The information will need to be reflected in UAConnect before we can print you a new card.
To make the change in UAConnect, one must email from your UARK email.
Find more information about personal information policies by visiting the registrars student records webpage.

Photo Upload

We have enabled online photo submission. An online submission gives you the opportunity to upload a current photo of yourself.
Photo submissions are reviewed manually. It may take up to two business days to process. You will be notified if your photo has been approved or rejected by email. If you are a new or transferring student, and have been admitted it U of A, you can submit a photo online for approval.

Access Control

Some student, faculty, and staff will be given certain access to different buildings and doors on campus. This might be special study lounges, graduate buildings, research labs, etc. The campus card office has NO ABILITY to give you any of this access. We have no way of giving swipe access to any door or building on campus or off. If you are having trouble accessing a building or door, we recommend you reach out to your department administrator or your current major's secretary. We also recommend Let them know the door and the situation and they should be able to point you in the right direction. 


Trade-ins are NOT accepted for University Cards that have damage that is considered irregular.
Eligibility will be determined by a staff member of the Campus Card Office.

Eligible Trade-Ins Non-eligible Trade-Ins
Name Change Bent Cards
Bad Magnetic Stripe* Burnt Cards
Updating Student Status Hole punched Cards
Misprints Chewed by pets
  Used as a tool to scrape or Pry
  Washed Cards