On-Campus Merchants

The Campus Card Office does not endorse any merchants whether they be on or off campus.   The merchants are listed only as a means to identify the places were Razorbuck$ may be used to purchase products.

Dining Locations

 Arkansas Union
     Food Court Floor 3 Arkansas Union
     Au Bon Pain & Where the Wild Greens AR Floor 3A Arkansas Union 
     Club Red Convenience Store Floor 3A Arkansas Union

Bell Engineering
     Einstein Kiosk

Brough Commons
     Dining Hall - Upstairs
     Starbucks - Downstairs
     Club Red Convenience Store - Downstairs
     Brough GoGo

Champion Hall
     Au Bon Pain Kiosk     

Founders Hall
     Slims Chickens
     Rocket Taco
     Where the Wild Greens AR

Maple Hill
     The Hill Grill
     The Hill Convenience Store/Freshens

Peabody Hall
     Peabody Perks Coffee Shop

Pomfret Hall
     Dining Hall

Fullbright Dining Hall
     Dining Hall

Willard J. Walker Hall
     Einstein Bagel

Law School Library
     *Arsaga’s Coffee Shop
     * Note: Not a Chartwells location and Dining Dollars are NOT accepted here



General Access Copiers

Arkansas Union Copy Center
Gregson Hall Enhanced Learning Center Copier
Mullins Library Copy Center
Physics Building Copier

Pat Walker Health Center
     Cashier’s Desk

University Bookstore Locations
     Garland Center
          Text Books, 
          General Books 
          Department Supplies
          Computer Store

University Treasure’s Office
     Student Accounts - Arkansas Union 212
If your University ID Card is lost or stolen, the student, faculty, staff or affiliate is responsible for all unauthorized charges.  Please go to http://razorbucks.uark.edu/ to suspend your card immediately if your card has been lost or stolen.


Razorbucks Deposits

Account Activity/Suspend a Lost Card


Fall and Spring Hours:
Monday through Thursday – 8am to 6pm
Friday – 8am to 5pm

Summer and Semester Break Hours:
Monday through Friday – 8am to 5pm